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GIS Jargon Buster


ArcGIS is used to create and manage digital maps, analyze spatial data, and visualize geographic information. This category includes resources for learning how to use ArcGIS, finding ArcGIS data and maps, and staying up-to-date with the latest ArcGIS news and updates. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced ArcGIS user, you will find valuable resources in this category to help you get the most out of your ArcGIS experience.


A free and open-source GIS software application that is similar to ArcGIS.


A GIS software platform developed by Esri. It includes a suite of desktop, mobile, and web-based GIS applications.

ArcGIS Online

A cloud-based mapping and analysis platform developed by Esri. It allows users to create, store, and share maps, scenes, and apps online.

ArcGIS Story Maps

A web-based application developed by Esri that allows users to create interactive, multimedia stories that are mapped to specific locations.

ArcGIS Pro

A desktop GIS application developed by Esri. It is designed for professional GIS users who need advanced mapping and analysis capabilities.


A desktop GIS application developed by Esri. It is included in the ArcGIS suite and is used for creating and editing maps.


A type of GIS software that allows users to access, create, and share geographic information and maps online.

Geospatial: Pertaining to the use of geographic information and spatial data to solve problems and make decisions.

GIS Mapping

The process of creating and using digital maps to represent and analyze spatial data.


A file format used to store geographic data, including points, lines, and polygons.

Remote Sensing

The use of satellite and aerial images to collect data about the Earth's surface.

Spatial Analysis

The use of GIS tools and techniques to analyze and interpret spatial data.

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